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This project is the first where we have to create one of those quick release mounts, this one is to mount my 6” bench grinder. In fact you have already seen me build this one, as it was featured on the Quick Release Mounts page. I won’t re-document them just show them below.

I purchased my 6” Bench grinder from Machine Mart it’s a Clarke’s unit, I think that I purchased it when we moved into our bungalow 13 years ago. I bolted it to an old piece of kitchen work top just so I could use it without it jumping around.

Bench Grinder  Mount

A quick ‘lick’ of paint, and it’s finished, and ready for use. The HD mount for the Clarke’s red vice coming up shortly!

And with that another is one done!

Mount completed and resting on the bench so you can take a better look.

And fitted to the bench

Not forgetting those infamous weldnuts, for the mountings.

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Project Date: 9 June 2017

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