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Betty is my next door neighbour, and many years ago she had her driveway resurfaced, and since then her gates have had to be lifted if you wanted to open or close them!

So as I now had a welder I glibly volunteered to fix them. By saying ‘that's ok, I will just cut them off with my angle grinder and re weld them’.

It was only when I had a think about it, I thought to myself, how exactly was that going to work?

I had only just got my ESAB.

It looked to me like the hinges on the post were in a good enough condition. So removing the other part of the hinge on the gate might be ok. I would then have to reposition it lower down, thus lifting the gate up, and it just might work?

The day was warm and sunny, and a Sunday, so not a lot of people walking around.

I removed both gates, used a 1mm Machine Mart cut off wheel, repositioned both hinges, and only did two tack welds, just to test the position of the gates when re-hung.

The right hand gate seemed, fine, but the one on the left was not vertical, because the post, although solid in the ground was leaning out a fraction.

Ok, another problem to solve.

I decided to cut the two tack welds, on the left hand gate, and remove the 15mm x 12m steel hinge. I could then cut 5mm from its width, thus shortening it, and  therefore moving the top of the gate in, when re-hung by the same amount.

Betty’s Gates

Project Date: 17 June 2017

That re cut left hand hinge.

My first neighbour project completed, her Gardener now needs to re-paint the gates.

However as as you can see they are both now level.

My first job done!

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