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My New Workshop

Project Pictures & Videos

It’s strange to think that the garage spend eight years, without any lighting, being connected, and just a fuse box and trailing lead for power. Unloved and neglected, since we moved in. We did add an extra freezer, and this prompted me a connect up the two light bulb holders hanging from the original black steel conduit. Then in May 2016 I started the Myford lathe refurbishment project, when I took the remainder of my 2015 Annual Leave from the school that I worked at as the Network Manager. Below are some of the Myford pictures, showing new motor, rewiring, fixing the clutch, and general maintenance which this lathe had never seen before.

So this is one of the very first pictures of the new workshop project. You can see the original two bulbs are still there, but I have just started to fit the new LED tubes.

However, below is a video, with my commentary, so turn your sound on. I decided to make this video using all of the stills that I had collected to date, which takes us up to October 2016.

This is my most resent video tour of the New Workshop is was shot today the 19 October 2016.

Click on the picture on the left to see some Lathe refurbishment pictures.