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HHO or Oxy Hydrogen Gas

Having said that, don’t get scared and run away thinking ‘I don’t want this is my house’. Because NO gas is actually stored within the machine. It is only produced on demand. The machine shuts down when the tank pressure gets to about 2 bar, or less in a smaller machine. So it is really safe to use. Indeed this is one of the reasons that I like this system. It is much safer that storing gas bottles of Acetylene and Oxygen in the house or workshop.

What about those flame sizes and temperatures?

HHO torches go from 0.3mm up to multiple 1.0mm for the largest machines. The list below shows what size torch nozzle each machine can support:

Touch Size v Gas Flow of Machine

0.3mm  30-40 l/h

0.4mm  40-60 l/h

0.5mm  60-100 l/h

0.6mm  80-150 l/h

0.8mm  150-300 l/h

1.0mm  250/500 l/h

1.2mm  400 l/h Up

l/h by the way, stands for, Litres per Hour, and it is how machines are rated. More gas, bigger machine, unfortunately equals more cost.

The list below shows the temperature of the HHO gas v other gas torches. Generally the only gas hotter that HHO is Oxy Acetylene which is about 3,500C. HHO is generally about 3,000C.

Flame temperature however is also controlled by the ‘Flux Additive’ that you add to the flux tank, and ultimately the touch nozzle size. You can run any machine on a smaller nozzle, and a 0.3mm torch is not going to heat up a large area very quickly.

You will need to add Sodium Hydroxide to the the distilled water to form the electrolyte. This is only added once. Distilled water is that added to fill the machine. As you use the machine more distilled water is then added.

The flux can be all sorts of things, the green non oxidising flame in some of the videos below is created when using MEK or (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), and Borate. This can be purchase from Amazon or E-bay. MEK is basically Alcohol. The other chemicals are corrosive and not much different than very strong toilet cleaner. Eye protection and gloves are advised when filling the machine. But this should not put you off from either purchasing a machine or using one. The machine will only need to be drained down and flushed about once a year, and then refilled with fresh distilled water and chemicals.

Flame Temperatures and Flux Additives

What Is HHO Gas?

HHO gas is a newer form of gas that is created by using ‘pulse electrolysis’ equipment. Being made up of magnecules that contain hydrogen gas, HHO is connected to lone atoms that are oxygen atoms, by “magnecular bonds”.
The HHO theory first begun in the year of 1875 with a man by the name of Jules Verne. Mr. Vernes believed that water would one day be used as a fuel, with hydrogen and oxygen to support it. Mr. Vernes also believed that whether hydrogen and oxygen were used together or in a single episode, they would still furnish a inexhaustible source of light and heat with so much intensity that coal couldn’t surpass it.

How HHO Gas Works

A man by the name of Yull Brown, was the main inventor of HHO gas through being able to separate the oxygen and hydrogen molecule in water by using electricity.

Although machines for producing HHO gas vary, they all work on the same principal. The following information comes from many different sources and manufactures. However, a mix and match approach should be considered when it comes to purchase and machine information. I believe that this is also true of what Torch to purchase. The most important point is that there MUST always be a flash arrester either within the touch or within the machine. Don’t forget you are dealing with a very explosive gas namely Hydrogen. Remember the Hindenburg disaster?


Introducing the Rio Grande Hydrogen Torch System

Using the Rio Grande Hydrogen Torch System

Setting Up and Using the Rio Grande Hydrogen System

As I said before much of the technology is shared amongst manufactures. You can only create HHO gas and supply it, in one way. The following video files are from the Rio Grande system. However, the system of operation for Touches and Flux, are the same for units purchase from E-bay, Amazon or direct from the manufacturers in China. I picked these videos not because I support that particularly manufactures machines, but because the video information and content is very good .

The machine that I have been looking at is by GR-TECH, billed as ‘GR-TECH Instrument ® LCD Oxy-Hydrogen Generator Water Welder Acrylic Flame Polisher Torch Welder 300L 110V or 220V’’. This machine is digital, and available from Amazon. It is larger that you would need for just jewellery, as I need a machine to try and take the place of a welding torch. Smaller machines are available, that are not digital and produce a smaller volume of HHO, and cost less to purchase. A full listing of the GR-TECH machines can be found here. Prices are here.

We now need to turn our attention to the Torch. All the units will come with one, but will it do what you need? Below is a .pdf file from Sign-in-China for Ving Torches and parts.

So there you have it.

Do you need one?

Why do you need anything?

To do a job, tools of any description are needed.

If you want to make the job easy, you have to spend the money, but on the right tools!


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