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My New Workshop


Betty’s Gates                                       20 June 2017

I promised to fix the metal gates for my next door neighbour Betty, what was involved and how did it go?

Car headlights                                                     20 July 2017

Not exactly a welding project, but it does involve the use of some specialist equipment.

Listed here are some of the projects that other people have asked me to do, some are neighbours, some are friends. In fact I have so many projects, this in fact stopped me trying to complete the workshop towards the end of 2018.

I am not going to say that this is a bad thing, to the contrary, it’s what I built the workshop for in the first place.

I also like a challenge, as you never know what you will be asked to do next. I also enjoy the design aspect, and then seeing a project through from inception to it’s completion.

So buckle-up and take a ride though some of these challenges with me!

Check out what is below:

Project:                                                 Project Date:

Julia’s Dartboard                                                  6 May 2018

A really interesting project, lots of innovation, new equipment and welding! How do you mount a full size Dartboard when you have nowhere to put it?

Outside Light Base                                                9 July 2018

What do you do when an aluminium outside light fitting falls off the wall? Find out with this project.

Weather Vane                                                       8 Aug 2018

This is an amazing project, sympathetic restoration at it’s best.

Geoff’s Gates                                                         5 Oct 2018

Geoff’s Gates, a second gate project, this time one that needs modifications to my ESAB welder.

Loft Hoist                                                              3 Dec 2018

Another big project, this time structural, involving roof joists and the purchase of some more specialist equipment, as well as construction of more jigs. Lots of welding this time.

Colin Laser Mount                                                18 Dec 2018

Another project for a neighbour, this time a Laser mount on a Theodolite base.  

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