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My New Workshop

First of all, I did not set out to to do lots of projects, to modify the equipment that I had purchased, nor see the need to, in the beginning.

However, it was obvious, as things moved forward, that this was going to be necessary.

I always tend to purchase the best quality equipment that I can, however there are times when this may not be the best idea.

If you are purchasing equipment for commercial use, longevity is important, along with reliability. Having tools break, or not work on a project means a loss of revenue.

Spending money on expensive equipment that will last longer makes good sense.

However, if you are a ‘Do-It-Yourselfer’ is the same still true? Some of these projects are about repairing or replacing parts, some are enhancements, and some are the need just to have what I wanted that I could not purchase off the shelf.

So sit back, and take a look at the listings below:

Project:                                                 Project Date:

Equipment Projects

Metal Arrives & Drill Rollers                         7 April 2017

Metal arrives for the bench build.

The drill press table is very small, and impossible to hold any large objects for drilling, this is how we fix it.

Quick Release Mounts                                        24 April 2017

If I am going to create quick release mounts, I am going to need a jig to make sure that they are all the same, then test it to make sure it also works.

Electrics                                                             21 May 2017

This is the first of the electrical wiring, including the trucking and fuse box for the Cros_arc plasma cutter, not forgetting the PAT testing.

Blue Wall Cabinet                                               27 May 2017

I needed a cabinet above my new workbench, but first I needed something to mount it on!

Bench Design & Build                                               30 May 2017

This is part 1, and part 2. Part 1 is a pre-amble. Part 2 is the complete build, including those quick release mounts, and a little bit of ‘Flame Quenching’ thrown it for good measure?

Blue Wall Cabinet Shelf Brackets                         31 May 2017

The ‘bent’ metal hangers supplied were never going to work, so I used nails instead.

Bench Grinder Mount                                           9 June 2017

A quick release mount for my 6” bench grinder, to be able to mount it to my new bench.

My Father’s Bench Vice Referb                            15 June 2017

I wanted to restore my Father’s old bench vice, but first I have to take it apart.

HD Vice Mount                                                   16 June 2017

I purchased a very large Clarke’s bench vice, and had to modify my quick release mount to cope with the 44lbs weight.

One Ton Arbor Press and Dies                             23 June 2017

Why did I need a one ton press for my Evolution electric file? Find out!

Linisher and Mount                                                8 Sep 2017

Another refurbishment project using one of my Father’s old pieces of equipment, this time being re-purposed for metal polishing.

Evolution Wheels & Wiring Upgrade                          24 May 2018

The Evolution Rage 3 Saw & Stand, needed two things, wheels and a longer mains lead.

Belt Sander Wheels plus Lead Replacement            2 June 2018

My new Clarke’s belt sander needed the legs strengthening, some wheels and a longer mains lead.

Tool Cabinet Wheels                                            14 June 2018

My new Clarke’s tool cabinet needed some wheels.

Cyclops Designs Ring Roller & Mount                    22 June 2018

My new Cyclops steel Ring Roller needed a quick release bench mount.

Cyclops Designs Plasma Guillotine                          8 July 2018

I wanted to plasma cut straight lines on steel plate, and found this guillotine from Cyclops Designs. But how about adding a motor, and a laser guide?

Esab Welder Small Reel Back Plate                        18 Aug 2018

How do you use small reels of welding wire with you ESAB Caddy, when it only supports 5Kg spools?

Belt Sander Pulley Modification                               5 Sep 2018

Back to the Clarke’s belt sander, this time for a go faster stripe!

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